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We understand some clients have an initial feeling of trepidation, not only about the build process but also with whole-heartedly trusting the people behind the brand.

While we can give you reassurance on paper, ultimately, we resolutely encourage you to speak with our previous clients.

In the meantime, please read a little more about us, to start you on your journey. It is our objective to give you 100% assurance that your home is safe in the hands of a passionate and ethically-minded, process-driven team. We also want to dispel any doubts you may have that the build process can be a fun and enjoyable experience.

“While each of us has a very diverse background, cohesively the team works incredibly well together. Each of us brings a different skillset. All of us have families and kids, therefore family is our priority and is one of our pillars that form our values. Essentially, we work in a way that we hope will make our kids proud of us. This means always staying true to our values and doing what is ethically right. This core pillar filters down to the way we operate on a daily basis but also how we plan our long-term vision.”

Gavin, Aaron and Peter

Aaron Thorne: Director

Aaron has been around building and land development his entire life. After completing his business degree, Aaron went on to manage the Urban Ridge development over 20 years ago. It wasn’t a straightforward development but, through this process, Aaron was able to gain unique skillsets which he utilises today in his project management.

He has a reputation within the marketplace of being an exceptional project manager. Once again, we suggest you don’t take our word for it but, instead, talk to suppliers and clients who have built with us.

Gavin Morrow: Director

Gavin qualified as a builder over 25 years ago and is, once again, one of the very best project managers in the industry. Working on some of the world’s best homes in London many years ago inspired Gavin’s passion to work on homes with exceptional architectural detail. He channels his passion now by coming up with best-in-industry solutions for every aspect of the build process.

Peter Buck: Director

After graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce, Peter worked in the financial markets for some of the largest companies in the world, based in Sydney and London. Coming from such a structured corporate background has been a major asset when managing finance, sales, and creating a business strategy for Thorne Group. It is his understanding of process, control and how resources can be allocated effectively that ensures the focus remains on the client.

Jon McAlpine: Director Thorne Group Architecture 

You can use Thorne Group Architecture or select your own architect

Jon McAlpine creates what can be called ‘conscious architecture’ – bespoke designs which have life beyond a material manifestation. And these designs have won him awards every year he’s been in business.

As the driving force behind Thorne Group Architecture, his impressive portfolio of striking new builds and transformational renovations have been recognised both regionally and nationally. Always committed to catering to the needs of his clients, Jon brings a humble, approachable nature to architectural design, one that now sees him also play a significant role in minimising environmental impact.

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