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Thorne Group Enviroment Tauranga


As our environment continues to change, so to do our building practices. This means keeping ahead of emerging trends in design, product innovation and building methodologies that are more sustainable and environmentally friendly. We are committed to carrying out extensive research, both in New Zealand and abroad, to ensure our homes meet the high standards of our customers and the demands of our climate, both now and in the future.

Thorne Group Enviroment Tauranga


Homestar is an independent rating tool for assessing the health, efficiency, and sustainability of homes across Aotearoa. At Thorne Group our aim is to ‘build with the future in mind’. This means creating warmer, healthier, and drier homes, optimising passive solar gains through good design, incorporating appropriate insulation and ventilation, and using energy-efficient fixtures, fittings, and materials. As a qualified Homestar Accredited practitioner and assessor Jon McAlpine (Principal - Thorne Group Architecture), can ensure your home is designed to meet the desired Homestar rating.

Thorne Group Enviroment Tauranga

Planting Program

As a building company, we are very conscious of our environmental footprint. We’ve put together a programme which focuses on environmental projects in the Tauranga region with outcomes for future generations to enjoy. By planting native shrubs and trees for perpetuity at Summerhill Farm and Recreational Park (as well as other projects), we can help mitigate the carbon footprint that is generated during construction.

Our staff and their families have become extremely passionate about this programme.

​Once again our staff and their families came through and planted thousands of native plants in a wetland area and surrounding pasture at Summerhill Farm & Recreational Park, adjacent to the Papamoa Hills Regional Park. The aim of the project was to plant native shrubs and trees for perpetuity, having multiple benefits of protecting the waterway, sequestering carbon and increasing native bushwalking areas

As a building company, we are very conscious of our environmental footprint.    As well as business owners, we are also parents.    We are all incredibly passionate about seeking creative ways to solve problems, produce unique designs, minimise waste and care for our planet.

Building with
Future Generations in mind


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