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  • What type of homes do The Thorne Group specialise in?
    Actually, this is the most difficult question to answer. One of the most unique things about a Thorne Group home is that we do not have a particular ‘type’. We build homes across a range of styles and budgets from affordable, small-but-smart homes through to large-scale, complex projects. We cater for all tastes from modern-contemporary to more traditional homes. What we are passionate about is applying the same quality standards regardless of the size of the home and sourcing the best materials to ensure the client achieves the exact look and feel of the home they are seeking.
  • Do you work with first home buyers?
    We do not specialise in working with first home buyers but are happy to chat about your requirements to see if we can assist. Our House & Land Packages can be a good option for buyers entering the property market or investors looking for a rental return.
  • How long have Thorne Group been in business?
    We have been in business since 2006 and have decades of experience between us. Word-of-mouth has built our business, which speaks volumes about our client satisfaction. We have an abundance of testimonials available and encourage you to speak with any of our previous clients.
  • Is Thorne Group Architecture separate from Thorne Group Design and Build?
    Thorne Group Architecture is a separate entity and was formed in 2015 to provide architectural design expertise to Thorne Group. Our partnership enables us to offer a one-stop design and build service under the same roof. As a separate entity Thorne Group Architecture can work directly with clients to produce plans only. Likewise, Thorne Group Design and Build is happy for you to select your own Architectural Designer or bring your own plans to us for pricing.
  • At what point should l contact the Thorne Group if l am considering a design and build option?
    Whether you already have a site, have found a site you are interested in or are considering subdividing, this is the ideal time to make contact. We offer a complimentary onsite visit and can assist with your due diligence. If you prefer to build on one of our available sections or purchase a ready-build home, make sure you check out our For-Sale Listings page.
  • Does the cost of an architecturally designed Thorne Group home cost more than a set plan?
    Rather than taking a set plan and adjusting it (often with costly results), we take a start-from-scratch approach and create an original design to suit your site and budget. While the architectural design cost might mean you invest a little more upfront, this is generally recouped through improved efficiencies in the construction. We will always discuss likely costs with you from the outset.
  • Are Thorne Group more expensive than other build companies?
    No, not when you compare like for like. It can be very tricky when comparing pricing, so we recommend seeking advice to be sure you have a good understanding of what you are paying for. The Thorne Group brand represents quality and value. All components that go into our homes are of an enduring quality and high standard. We always strive to be price competitive but will never compromise quality over price.
  • What if l don’t have a clear idea of what l want?
    You have come to the right place! In our initial meeting we will get to know you better, starting with how you like to live, what you like about your current home and what you would like included in your new home. Our talented design team will then develop a concept to fit your taste, budget and site. When it comes to choosing colours, fixtures and fittings, our interior designer will help guide your selections.
  • What is the process?
    The idea of building a home can be daunting. We have broken down the process into key stages, so you know what to expect – refer to Our Process
  • How long does it take to build a new home?
    This is very dependent on the scale and complexity of the project as well as workload and time of year. As a rough guide, for an average sized family home, we recommend you allow 4-6 months for design, planning and consent then a further 4-6 months for construction. For homes with more complex structures and detailing, we can discuss this with you.
  • Do you manage everything?
    Yes, we aim to make building a fun, stress-free experience from the outset. We will manage everything for you, from plans and consents through to cleaning and putting the finishing touches on your home, ready to move in.
  • Who will be my everyday liaison?
    Our Client Care Manager will take care of you throughout the design consultation and planning phase. Once construction of your home is underway your Project Manager will be your everyday liaison. Your Project Manager will keep you up to date on what is happening on-site each day, right through to your move-in day. You will have access to your own secure website (Buildertrend) where you can stay up to date on progress, track any contract variations, and view photos as your new home takes shape.
  • How much am l involved in the process?
    You can be involved as much or as little as you wish. Each project has differing levels of client involvement. On some projects we see and speak to our clients more than our families - others prefer to have much less input. Whatever way you like to work is fine by us!
  • Who will be working on our site every day?
    Every site is allocated a qualified and licenced foreman and depending on the size of the project any number of builders under their stewardship. This means that you have the peace of mind knowing that your home is being built by qualified and experienced staff. In addition to our qualified on-site staff, your Project Manager will visit the site regularly to go through a detailed checklist and oversee the build process.
  • Do you use specific subcontractors on a regular basis?
    Our business is built on the back of years of practical experience in the trade. This has allowed us to carefully select a team of builders, suppliers and tradespeople who we know to be hard working, fastidious and dedicated to our vision of building top quality homes.
  • What are PC Sums?
    PC refers to ‘Prime Costs’. This refers to an allowance for specific items that have not yet been selected by the client. For example an allocated amount for the kitchen, electrical, flooring selections or plumbing. Our PC sums are realistic and based on quotes from our suppliers for selections that they recommend to suit the style and size of the home. In the majority of cases, selections made by the client fall comfortably within the range allowed.
  • What if l change my mind about something?
    It is not uncommon to change your mind on what you want once a building project is underway. These changes are called variations. Our job is to be flexible and accommodate changes whilst ensuring you stay well informed of any cost implications. Have a chat to your Project Manager about any changes as soon as possible.
  • Do you guarantee a fixed price contract price? What happens if it goes over?
    Our Master Build Residential Building Contract will specify an agreed price that includes everything that is set out in the corresponding specifications. There should be no surprises or extra costs, unless of course, you make subsequent changes to the plans, specifications or make selections that are outside the range allowed for within the PC sums. However, in some circumstances unforeseen increases in supplier prices or additions to costs may affect the agreed contract price. Cost fluctuations will be completely transparent and brought to the attention of the owner as early as possible.
  • What is the payment schedule?
    The payment schedule is the series of payment instalments detailed within the build contract. Generally, a 5% deposit is required at the start of the build with the remainder divided between key stages throughout the project. Essentially you only pay for work that has been completed.
  • What after-sales service does Thorne Group provide?
    Our family name is on every build and we feel this is the best guarantee on the market. Not only do we offer the 10-Year Standard Master Build Guarantee, our team of builders and subcontractors stand behind their work. We keep in regular contact once you move in, correcting any defects during the aftercare period (12 months from completion), and then provide ongoing support throughout the 10-year Master Build Guarantee period.
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