Jon McAlpine Thorne Group Architecture Award-Wining practitioner

Our way of working at Thorne Group is to ‘build with the future in mind’. Under this vision, one of our desires is to create warmer, healthier and drier homes under the Homestar framework.


With Jon McAlpine (Principal Thorne Group Architecture), now a qualified Homestar Accredited practitioner and assessor this gives our clients the option to have a minimum of a 6 star Homestar accredited home.  


The New Zealand Building Code (NZBC) is often perceived as the benchmark in terms of building compliance and performance, however, compliance with the NZBC is merely a minimum standard to attain.  By way of example, a compliant home built to the requirements of NZBC/H1 would only achieve a 3 or a 4-star rating (from a 1-10 star rating band).     

Homes registered for Homestar New Zealand