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Urban Ridge: The best of community spirit

Today l went for a visit to Urban Ridge. As l visited some of the owners, l was struck by how welcoming and friendly everyone was. People shared a joked as they walked by, or just simply gave a friendly wave. I came away buoyed up by this community spirit. Neighbours worked together on projects, others borrowed another’s trailer. I reflected back on a research project (initiated by the centre of Housing Research) with one of the residents quoting ‘I would lend my car to anyone who lived here’. Yes that really seemed to sum up how they all felt about each other.

Why did this strike me as usual l questioned myself? I know and like my neighbours, we have families that live in our street, would borrow each other’s lawnmowers, look after one another’s kids. After thinking about it further, l think the thing that struck me was the fact despite the mix of ages, this attitude of community is seemingly shared by not a handful of people who choose to be friends, but by everyone that lives there. I only hope we can see more communities like this develop in the future.

'The boys' hard at work!

Hilton & Linda

Aat & Magda

Martin & Cathy

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