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Thorne Group


How does Thorne Group architecture work?

Thorne Group Architecture was formed a couple of years ago, headed up by renowned Architectural Designer Jon McAlpine, and is operated as a separate company from Thorne Group build.

Jon and the Thorne Group build directors

Do you design smaller homes?

Every home (irrelevant of size) is designed for the site. Whilst we are renowned for our large architectural homes, over the years Jon and his team have designed hundreds of ‘small but smart’ homes. This wealth of knowledge enables Jon to create smaller homes that maximize floor space, increase passive solar energy, yet still have a stylish design element that successfully combines form with function.

Smaller well designed homes work harder. Their spaces maybe smaller but it’s all that’s required. Covered outdoor areas (as well as multiple indoor/outdoor living options), window seats, office nooks, laundry nooks are all space saving architectural design features that can also have the added benefit of creating interesting design features Essential if you are wanting to downsize without compromising the way you live” Jon McAlpine

What makes an excellent architectural home?

It is the little details, the understanding of how in the practical sense, plans on paper relate to the practicality on site. It is working with a broader team to mitigate potential problems, as well as ensuring materials and labour are maximized and minimizing wastage on site.

It is having a though understanding of construction costs from the start of the project. It is ensuring there is a seamless connection between spaces based on how clients live in a space. It is the integration of design features that seamlessly blend form with function.

Does Jon and his team design different styles of homes?

Yes, although you want to open people to the possibility of new ideas you still have to have the ability to be completely flexible to design any style of home without pushing your own particular ‘style’ on the client.

What are the advantages to this structure?

Our designers and architects are in constant communication with project managers from the get-go and are regularly out on site. This gives Jon and his design team a massive insight into ensuring the most efficient allocation of materials (and labour) from the initial design stages right through to completion.

We also have a quantity surveyor based in-house which means that there are no big surprises with costs. This is especially useful in situations where you may need to make late changes to plans given that this would normally incur substantial design fees.

Will this service cost more than a set plan?

Generally speaking, no (when comparing like for like).

Do you work with other builders and architects?

Yes, as Thorne Group Architecture is a separate business from Thorne Group build you we often work with other builders and likewise other architects.

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