The cost of small(ish) homes

Previously we have discussed the pitfalls of comparing the cost per square metre between build companies due to the many variables (structure, size of the home, not to mention fixtures and fittings). However, we think by giving you some very specific examples, it will provide some guidance of what $2,200 per square metre* will get you when you build with the Thorne Group.

The homes in this blog are approximately 140-190 square metres with Thorne Group standard fixtures and fittings and have a standard 2.4 metre stud height. To further increase transparency we have included all costs for a turn key home.

So what is included within this $2,200 costing?

The bottom line is everything to ensure you can walk straight into your brand new Thorne Group home. However just to be clear the following IS included: consent (Tauranga), fencing, driveways, cedar and aerated concrete panel (or brick) cladding, , garage carpet, LED lighting and HPM powerpoints (and we make sure you have an adequate amount of them!). As we are family owned, we would rather include everything in initial costing rather than add on down the track, and you can always downgrade items to fit within budget.

This is just the main items, what you won't see on this list is the attention to detail that defines our family design and build projects. What you can't see behind the walls also makes a huge difference to the quality of your home.

Tips for comparing pricing between build companies

1. Understand what is excluded (not just what is included) from your build proposal. We see a lot of things omitted, such as earthworks allowances, build consent, concrete patios and fencing.

2. Compare structural specifications such as height of ceilings, height of windows, foundation type etc. These items can have a large impact on the final price.

3. Compare quality of items – lighting fixtures, door hardware, kitchen running gear, plumbing fixtures, appliances, carpets etc.

4. Compare ‘PC Sums’ - PC being ‘Prime Cost Sums’. These refer to an allowance that you can spend up to. For example plumbing fixtures and fittings, kitchens, flooring, wardrobes and mirrors will often have ‘PC amounts’. Check that these sums are sufficient for you to get what you want.

And always, always talk to people who have built before with prospective build companies.

Examples of Thorne Group fixtures and fittings that would be within the $2,200* price per square metre.

* This price was at November 2017

More examples of some Thorne Group 'small but smart' homes

Even within these parameters it is important to note that you will always get a much better costing when get a complete costing for an individual home.

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