How much does it cost to build this home?

As a family brand we will not compromise on quality. For this very reason time-and-time again we are told by our clients and suppliers that we offer a premium product and service. The obvious question to ask then is “does it cost more to build with Thorne Group when comparing like-for-like?” The answer is NO. We test this statement often during a competitive tender process.

Case Study

Please note that every home we design and build is designed for each particular site, thus ensuring optimal passive thermal solar efficiency. However, we also understand that people wish to have some sort of guidance as to what homes cost to build. In this particular case study the home cost $408,000 (including GST) to build, this works out at $2,135 per square metre (including covered outdoor area). This includes consent (Tauranga), fencing (neighbour-friendly on three boundaries), driveways, cedar and aerated concrete panel cladding, designer kitchen with soft-close drawers and Silestone benchtop, garage carpet, LED lighting, HPM powerpoints, heat-pump, beautiful tiling and carpet (with 11mm underlay), as well as high quality bathroom fixtures and fittings, the list goes on. Please refer to our specifications page for more details of what has gone into this home. This is really important to understand when comparing pricing.

In regard to details pertaining to this particular 184 sqm floor plan. The home was designed for those that want to have the feeling of open plan, but at the same time require the ability to shut off the main living area. The home includes a study nook, window seat and covered outdoor area. These additional spaces create different ‘zones’ so as to allow the occupants the flexibility of having their own space if required. Within this plan, if someone wishes to watch TV in the main lounge, the doors to the lounge can be shut, and the window seat opposite the kitchen providing an extended seating or lounging area. This creates another additional zone for entertaining – or some peace and quiet!! In the summer months the covered outdoor area becomes like another ‘room’. Additional features include a walk in pantry, walk in linen storage and study nook.

* Cost was at April 2019 on a flat site in Tauranga

This home cost $408,000 (inc gst) to build.

Tips for understanding a pricing proposal:

  1. Understand what is excluded (not just what is included) from your build proposal. We see a lot of things omitted, such as earthworks allowances, build consent, concrete patios and fencing.

  2. Compare structural specifications such as height of ceilings, height of windows, foundation type etc. These items can have a large impact on the final price.

  3. Compare quality of items – lighting fixtures, door hardware, kitchen running gear, plumbing fixtures, appliances, carpets etc.

  4. Compare ‘PC Sums’ - PC being ‘Prime Cost Sums’. These refer to an allowance that you can spend up to. For example plumbing fixtures and fittings, kitchens, flooring, wardrobes and mirrors will often have ‘PC amounts’. Check that these sums are sufficient for you to get what you want.

  5. When comparing price per square metre please be sure to understand the many influences that can distort this figure. For example what is included and excluded, as a house gets smaller the square metre rate gets higher etc.

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