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Garage Carpet

Not all building companies include garage carpet as standard – and of those that do, not all invest in the best product option and finish. The product used in all Thorne Group homes is a velour style poly fibre, and is finised with a premium Cast Nosing edge strip at the vehicle transition – protecting both the product and the concrete edge below. Included as standard with all Thorne Group homes

PERFECT FOR THE GARAGE When the car is out, your garage becomes a fully carpeted room for work and play – an affordable way to make your home more versatile, while adding value. From kid’s birthday parties, to wet-day play spaces, to a warm and comfortable place to do the laundry, your garage will quickly become a much-used area of the home.

THE BENEFITS… Ÿ Reduces garage noise and dirt being tracked into the home Ÿ Eliminates wet and slippery floors Ÿ Tough and durable, yet warm and comfortable Ÿ Easy to keep clean Ÿ At 4 metres wide you have less joins Ÿ No shedding and fuzzing, so it never loses it’s good looks Ÿ Resistant to mould and mildew, so it won’t rot

Garage Carpet
Examples of standard Thorne Group specifications
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