Vision & Values

Our vision is to “EXCEED

This vision applies to the homes we build, our quality, our service and our people.

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Our core values

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Provides a pathway to a better future.

Our promise – We will seek creative ways to solve problems, produce unique designs, minimise waste and care for our planet.

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Is recognising that success is a collective effort.

Our promise – We will work in partnership with you, be approachable, listen and respect your perspective.



Takes time to earn and is easy to lose.

Our promise – We will be open and honest, keep our promises and always do the right thing.

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Is how we got started and what continues to drive us.

Our promise – We will deliver quality homes worthy of carrying our family name – that is our legacy.

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Is working hard to deliver our best.

Our promise – We will provide great service, maintain high standards, pay attention to detail and meet our commitments.