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8 Benefits of Window seats

Window seats are a popular feature in homes that we design. There is just something about being able to curl up with a book and bask in the sunshine. There are so many benefits, they work well in our 'small but smart' homes right through to our large architectural homes. Here are a few examples from our Thorne Group homes for some inspo!

1. To frame a view. Sometimes nature can be the best art! When a window seat is well situated it can create an absolute wow factor by drawing attention to the view beyond.

2. Bringing the outdoors in. Window seats can be used to create a connection with the natural world outside.

2. Providing extra seating. Depending on the location, a window seat can provide additional seating when entertaining.

3. A place for guests to sleep. Perfect for a kids sleepover, a window seat can provide an easy option for them to crash on.

4. A place to chill out. Enjoy a read, a cuppa, a glass of wine or be like a cat and take a sun-drenched snooze and forget the to do list for a while.

This wraparound window seat is just awaiting custom squabs, a perfect place to curl up with a book.

5. Utilise 'dead space'. Window seats can utilise otherwise unusable space, transforming into a functional feature that perfectly combines form with function.

7. Integrating as part of the dining experience. A window seat (or even two) can be incorporated to create banquette seating, saving space.

8 Additional storage. Integrating drawers or other storage within the design is a great place to store toys, blankets or other items


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