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We are very proud and excited to have been awarded most Trusted Builder 2021- Tauranga (single region).  You can check out what our lovely clients had to say about us:  View now

Mike and Becca

We spent so much time researching builders - about 5 months. We then heard about Thorne Group and went and checked out one of their new builds - we were so impressed. My husband said there was no way, being first home buyers, that we could go with Thorne Group. In the end we decided to just go and have a talk to them to see what they could offer us. And it turns out it was the perfect fit.

We looked at others builders but wanted something that was specific to our site. When we went to Thorne Group they did a sketch very early on and it really worked for our site.

What really appealed with Thorne Group was their standard specifications. We were really concerned that with other building companies a whole bunch of things we would like to have in our house would be upgrades (and cost more). It was good to know that what was included as standard for Thorne Group was nearly everything we were looking for.

Independant Qualitative Research Feedback

Below are a few snippets of what our clients had to say (shared with permission). The output of independent qualitative research by Ange and Tracey from 'What Lies Beneath". Of course, there were some things we have to improve upon and we are excited to be in the process of working on this currently.

KEN & GAYE: “We had a very good experience. We couldn’t have asked for a better build. We had so much trust in them, we were confident they weren’t fleecing us”

DIANNE & JOHN: “They built us a beautiful home, and they have become friends. It’s quite social. They get very involved with the build as do we, and it’s not at all adversarial, it’s very congenial”

JENNI: “After hearing about peoples’ building horror stories I entered into this build the most cautious person on the planet, but they were so brilliant, there was no need for me to worry at all. It was critical that I felt listened to and everything was so clear, it felt seamless”

MICHELLE: “We knew the build was going to be quality because they are a small family business. They were personable and easy to deal with. Peter would meet us for coffee, he was amazing, so switched on. He really knew what he was talking about”

HAYLEY & GRANT: “Dan was absolutely brilliant; I can’t rate him highly enough. He communicated all the time, giving us the heads up on things and what we needed to do. We didn’t have a single sleepless night, and this was significantly down to Dan”

Jenni: “The attraction was that they were family-owned. They have their name on the line and need to stand by their product and brand. And my feeling was right. They do back up their work, their family name is such an advantage. Thorne Group is associated with quality”

ERROL: “Any obstacles or challenges we could talk through. We liked that Dan came to us with solutions, that he was the expert. This was important to us. He was bloody good, and he never left us once it was over, he’s been great on-going”

KURT: “We feel like we can trust them, that they are honest and have a high level of integrity. We feel this from Peter, Aaron and Jon and it permeates through the business. Their reputation is very good, if we mention we have a Thorne Group house, people say ‘good choice’. I believe it adds value to our home and will to the sale price if/when we sell. They manage build timeframes and build to budget. We are 100% confident with the quality”

SCOTT & MELANIE: “Aaron was so good; he means what he says and he is easy to get along with. We haven’t built before so it was helpful when he told us it can be overwhelming. But he stepped it out for us and would tell us what needs to be decided and when, that it doesn’t have to be done at the same time. We met him a couple of times on site and there was never anything out of place. If we were to build again it would be with Thorne Group or no-one!”

HENRY: “I appreciated how Thorne Group communicates, they are reasonable people and they don’t bullshit. They were straight up from the outset, they set expectations”

SHARON: “The communication was excellent, especially with Buildertrend because we were living in Auckland. Aaron would upload photos of the progress and we never had to wonder. It tracked expenses and additional costs, so there was nothing hidden, there were no surprises. Their quality is brilliant, and the painting was the icing on the cake. I am so particular about painting and I would get upset if it wasn’t perfect, but it was brilliant”

KURT: “The contractors were great. They would openly say that Thorne Group were a great group to work for, that they pay on time and they felt they were well looked after. They were very effective the way they worked, they were respectful of the site and left it clean and tidy, so tidy that people couldn’t believe it!”

Murray & Philippa

How would we describe our build with Thorne Group? Exciting and enjoyable.

The completion of our home was completed ahead of schedule! At each step, the commencement ran so smoothly from our unique drawings by Jon, the contract with Peter, to project management by Aaron. We were given a project calendar at the start of the process to ensure what was on the drawings became our reality. This was facilitated by great advice, helpful suggestions, online updates, and regular site meetings.

The standout feature of a Thorne Group build is the professional high standards resulting in a personalised quality build.

Our build with Thorne Group could be summed as, ‘No pressure, low stress, high quality, and great fun!’

Would we build with Thorne Group again, absolutely!

Martin & Cathy

As a retired couple and first-time builders, we were amazed at how simple the whole process was. Thorne Group staff guided us as we choose colour schemes, designed the kitchen, attended joinery, electrical walkthrough & landscaping.

During the build, the attention to detail was impressive and more than meet our expectations. The result is an elegant and extremely comfortable home that we helped to create.

Bond Street

The Thorne Group's knowledge and expertise have been invaluable in the decision-making process ensuring the project meets its build program and that quality is exceptional in its detail. Their approach to business is world-class, professional, and personal.

BOND ST is transformed from months of planning into a unique architectural development built by the very best craftsmen. Thank you for your dedication and diligence, the result is phenomenal.


Last year I moved into my lovely new home built for me by "The Thorne Group." I must admit that I did wonder what on earth I was doing building a home on my own and how the stress of doing so would get to me. It is with much pleasure that I can say that it was a totally stress-free project and I actually enjoyed it.

Aaron Thorne "The Project Manager "was the most efficient, helpful, caring, and happy person that I have ever worked with. Nothing was to much trouble and anything that was not right was immediately attended to by Aaron. He went out of his way to make things easy for me. The builders were also great to work with, as were all the subcontractors.

The result to me was a wonderful well built home and I would not hesitate to recommend the Thorne Group to anyone wanting to build a new home. If anyone should want to visit my home, I would be more than happy to show them my great house.

Thank-you to all involved, I might even do it again!!!

Mark & Kirt

After viewing The Thorne Group show homes over the past 2 years, we decided to enquire how we could turn our dreams into reality. Peter and Aaron from The Thorne Group worked with us to develop a concept that was not only unique and high quality but very affordable.
The personal and professional level of service they provided was over and above expectations. The ongoing communication during the build made our experience exciting, enjoyable, and stress-free. We cannot speak highly enough of our building experience and have recommended The Thorne Group to friends and family, so they too can enjoy the journey.

Patrick & Sandra

In determining our Build partner we based our decision on a number of key factors -the most significant of which was trust. Even before the project Aaron, Gavin, Peter and the team were prepared to take time out to listen to and fully understand what we, as clients wanted. Thereafter, this mutual understanding has had a hugely positive impact on every aspect of the project- with Aaron Thorne's Project Management skills adding value at every stage and never detracting from our mutual desire for the highest possible quality.

What is amazing is that we are one of multiple builds in progress at present for the Thorne Group - however, we were so valued by all the team that we felt like the only one! Our new home is a testimony to honesty and integrity of the team - we will enjoy it as one that has been entirely 'built on trust' - we would not hesitate in recommending the Thorne Group to others.

Hilton & Linda

Building our home with the Thorne Group has been an enjoyable and exciting experience.

Beginning the day we talked sections and house plans with Bob & Wendy, through the building supervision with Aaron and completion on the very date quoted in the building schedule.

Harry and Errin

After being firmly ensconced in our home for 4 months we feel qualified to put our feeling about our home & the associated process on paper. I thought l knew a bit about building, but now l realise l knew very little, & l will prefer to keep it that way for the rest of my days. The expertise that your team, at all levels brought to the project was second to none, especially Craig, he is an exceptionally talented craftsman, with an immense amount of patience and pride supported by a ‘can do’ attitude. There were never problems, only solutions, a rarity in this modern world.

I have had the good fortune to rub shoulders with all the Directors of the company throughout this project, and you have a wonderful team which is internally a great blend of characters and associated skills; this obviously rubs off on the rest of the team, guaranteeing wonderful results for your client.

Thank you for building us a beautiful home, and we promise to do it again in the not too distant future.

Sharon and Paul

We have built several other new homes in the past but found the process with the Thorne Group a dream. From the initial contact, the design selection stage, to the final result we were very pleased with the communication and skill of all involved.
We loved the modern technology they used, especially as we weren't local, we could jump onto the website, check the schedule, and look at recent images at every stage. As an added bonus, and very rare, as any TV show will show you, we were on a budget and on time. Perfect score all around

David & Jane

Being in the residential development business ourselves we were more than aware of the many pitfalls that can arise in and around construction and we can now emphatically state that not once did we experience a bad moment during the whole duration of our build.

Heath Daley, who led the mainstay team of Rob and Harrison, under the directorship of Gavin Morrow, were a formidable group who communicated and actioned without fault. They were able to accommodate special requests of using some of our own subcontractors and were generally flexible with any demands put on them. Quality and client satisfaction is paramount when it comes to this Company. Gavin, Aaron, and Peter are a combination that provides the best possible results for their growing client list, and we, who have experienced their service, highly recommend them to build your home. You won’t be disappointed.

Richard & Trish

Jon, our architect was so skillful in his approach and was able to help us to make the most of the space we had. He was patient as we made many changes to the plans. His friendly, professional approach put us at ease quickly and he was a pleasure to work with.
You, personally, made the beginning process so easy and stress-free. We never had to worry about what was happening at the Tauranga end and could get on with selling our house in Auckland. You were generous with your time and your approach to our situation.

We also wanted to let you know that we really appreciated Dan Price's hard work and commitment to us as Project Manager. He was focused and committed to having our house completed on time.

Finally, the house itself has such a high-quality look and finish and we are extremely pleased with the outcome. We have had friends come and visit and they have given us excellent feedback about the look, style and, of course, location.

So, all in all, an excellent outcome for us, thank you again.


The workmanship was of a very high standard

The project manager, Dan Price, walked me through every step and was so obliging. Any questions I had were always answered promptly

Thorne Group were a wonderful company to build my fabulous new home with. The process from start to finish was made so easy for me, being a retired widow.,and there is nothing I could fault in my new house.
I cannot recommend Thorne Group highly enough

Thank you for making the project so easy for me

Cynthia, Michael, Lin & Li Speth

What makes Thorne Group stands out is the team who are highly organized, efficient and understand the importance of customer service. It is rare to find such quality in construction business today and we wanted to go with an experienced family business who values the clients' needs.

The process from design to final touches was smooth and pleasant, having our project manager Dan as the main point of contact was brilliant. He's very responsive, accommodating and worked with us through the inevitable hiccups along the way. When we had ideas and questions, he listened and always did his best to make things happen. In 2017 when we decided to move and build again, there wasn't a doubt that we would go with Thorne Group. Today we enjoy growing our twin boys in a home where we invested so much love and have cherished from day one thanks to the positive experience Thorne Group has provided us.

Henry and Stef

I couldn't be happier with my new home and working with the guys at The Thorne Group was an absolute pleasure. I knew from the outset that they were working for me and that they always made what I, as the client, wanted the priority.

Having the one single location for design and build meant that there was never any partisanship and you knew that all the info was on the table and discussed thoroughly before needing to make a decision. It was well planned and stress-free and I would recommend them in a heart beat.


Our daughter had built with Thorne group and we had seen what an easy and enjoyable experience that had been and how happy she was with her home. When we decided to move to Tauranga we were keen to build with Thorne group. We were not disappointed. We were guided every step of the way, making design changes to individualism in our home. The team from office to site manager and builders were excellent. A good selection of fittings was offered and the standard of finish is top notch. Regular photos kept us in touch with progress and we moved in on time and very satisfied. We would not hesitate to recommend Thorne building group. When we moved to Tauranga and searched for a builder to construct our home, we had a lot of options. What makes Thorne Group stands out is the team who are highly organized, efficient and understands the importance of customer service. It is rare to find such quality in construction business today and we wanted to go with an experienced family business who values the clients' needs. The process from design to final touches was smooth and pleasant, having our project manager Dan as the main point of contact was brilliant. He's very responsive, accommodating and worked with us through the inevitable hiccups along the way. When we had ideas and questions, he listened and always did his best to make things happen. In 2017 when we decided to move and build again, there wasn't a doubt that we would go with Thorne Group. Today we enjoy growing our twin boys in a home where we invested so much love and have cherished from day one thanks to the positive experience Thorne Group has provided us.

Kurt and Bridgette

We had the good fortune to build with The Thorne Group and 2 months after moving into our new home we know we definitely made the right decision in choosing to do so. Our house was designed by Jon McAlpine of Thorne Group Architecture who very quickly understood the style and feel of the house we wanted. He went on to create a design that we loved and which ticked all our boxes as a family-friendly home with areas of separation for older children but still with spaces to spend time together as a family. Jon was always extremely helpful and full of great advice in our dealings with him.

The building phase was overseen by Aaron our project manager. He was great to deal with, continually kept us updated and his organisational skills are second to none. This made for an extremely efficient and smooth build. We loved having access to the Builder Trend website which was updated regularly with photos and info so we were never left wondering what was going on. Every other person we dealt with along the way was friendly and professional and held extremely high standards which is obvious in the finished product.

We love our home so we won't be moving anytime soon but if we were to build again we would go straight back to the Thorne Group and have already recommended them to friends and colleagues looking at building.

Richard and Jenni

Smart design, quality build and the experience of others is what initially attracted us to the Thorne group. Being a local family business with a great reputation also gave us confidence that we chose the right company for our project. We are absolutely delighted with our new home and the design and build process could not have been smoother.

Our home was designed by Thorne Architecture. Jon understood what we were hoping to achieve right away and produced a design that is perfect for us – smart, compact, stylish and practical.

Dan, was the ideal project manager – looking after our home like it was his own. Communication was consistent and clear throughout and the whole build process was transparent in every way. We always knew what was happening and we had the added bonus of being able to track progress via Buildertrend – an online tool that enabled us to track the build from start to finish. Everything ran like clockwork with our home being handed over right on schedule and in budget.

Quality of the workmanship was just that – Quality, and the attention to detail with the contracting, invoicing and any variations, meant there were no surprises – except our surprise at how easy and enjoyable the whole process has been. We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Thorne Group to anyone who is wanting to build a new home – we are so very pleased we did.

John and Dianne

Our introduction to Thorne Group came through watching our friends build their lovely new home with this Company. Their whole experience went so well we decided to brave it and here we are today living in our beautiful home and very happy to recommend them to anyone looking to build.

We have to thank Jon McAlpine for our Architect, Gavin Morrow our project manager and Craig and his team of builders whom all showed such Professionalism, dedication and Pride in their work, ensuring a well managed, transparent process for us. Access to builder trend enabled us to see daily progress through photos and written updates, even while travelling overseas.

We have been living in our new home for 6 months now, and loving it, when you have a great team supporting you, you get great results.

Cheers Thorne Group and Many Thanks,

Robin and Sarah

Robin and Sarah have built 3 homes with us in the last 10 years as their requirements and desires have changed. Below is a Q&A of their experience with us over the last decade. What made you choose them in the first place? Design, value for money and superb build quality. The Thorne trademark.

What makes you keep coming back/why have you chosen to work with the Thorne Group each time? We don’t think that we could find better. We looked at many competitors show homes and the finish and specification (included in the build price) doesn’t match that of the Thorne Group

What sets Thorne Group apart? You feel part of a family, an exclusive club. People who have Thorne houses are very happy to talk about their experience with nothing but praise.

What would you say to the phrase ‘building is a stressful process’? We would say that you might want to think about choosing a different builder.

Video Testimonial