Meet the Directors

“While each of us has a very diverse background, cohesively the team works incredibly well together. Each of us brings a different skillset. All of us have families and kids, therefore family is our priority and is one of our pillars that form our values. Essentially, we work in a way that we hope will make our kids proud of us. This means always staying true to our values and doing what is ethically right. This core pillar filters down to the way we operate on a daily basis but also how we plan our long-term vision.”

Gavin, Aaron and Peter

Aaron Thorne: Managing Director

Dad had always been involved in property development and l think that is where my passion for construction really evolved from.  After completing my studies and traveling for a while, l knew that it was Construction Project Management and Land Development that called me.  Prior to starting Thorne Group, we developed St Marks at Sterling Drive and Urban Ridge at Brookfield.  The development at Urban Ridge spanned more than 20 years and consists of hundreds of sites, all of which l either oversaw or personally Project Managed.  As I grew in the art of Project Management, always thinking ten steps ahead became second nature.  It was constantly being approached by others wanting us to manage their builds that led to Thorne Group being established, along with Gavin and my brother-in-law Pete.  I am a proud Mount-local where I was born and raised and now live with my wife and two young sons.  I am really proud of what we have created at Thorne Group and how our company has evolved over the years.  In what little spare time l have l love nothing more than heading out on the water to enjoy some fishing.


Gavin Morrow: Construction Director

I grew up at the Mount and consider myself a true local.  I always had a passion for construction and building, even as a kid.  After completing an apprenticeship and qualifying in NZ, l headed to London for the traditional OE experience.  Working on high-end homes in London created a passion for wanting to go above and beyond in detailing, ensuring the best end result was achieved.  Striving for perfection became ingrained.  Working with Aaron and Pete over the years led to me becoming part-owner of newly formed Thorne Group building company on returning to the BOP.  I believe it is key to look at job from both a macro and a micro perspective, ultimately creating the finish the client is wanting to achieve.  My passion is to find solutions to challenging details.  l love nothing better to figuring out a problem and coming up with an amazing result that creates the ultimate ‘wow’ factor.  I live at the Mount with my wife Karlie and two kids.   My other huge passion is fishing, fishing and more fishing.

Peter Buck:
Executive Director

After university, I started my career in Fund Management.  Working in Sydney, then moving to London to work for one of the world’s largest investment management companies.  Working within the global financial markets gave me a very good understanding of the many facets of business.  When Lisa became pregnant with our first child we decided to move back to the Mount.  It took a while for the Mount to feel like home, it was a big change from Sydney and London!  Near on two decades down the track l can honestly say there is nowhere else l would rather live.


In 2007 we started Thorne Group with Gavin and my brother-in-law Aaron.   I’m proud of the business we have created and above all, am extremely proud of the ethical way we do business. While a portion of my time is now spent overseeing PRAGA Holdings (the capital arm of Thorne Group)  I continue to have an active role in finance, governance, and strategy.    I am passionate about the outdoors (particularly skiing, hiking, and water activities with family) and my wish is to find a bit more balance in life to enjoy these.


You can use Thorne Group Architecture or select your own architect

Jon McAlpine: Director Thorne Group Architecture 

After spending 13 years with some of BOP’s leading designers, in 2014 I made the decision to launch my own architectural practice, forming Thorne Group Architecture to work in close alignment with Thorne Group Design and Build.


We pride ourselves on creating stunning architecture, ranging from homes on small sites to extensive beachfront and rural homes.  I absolutely do not have a signature design style but will be led by what appeals to each individual client.   


Working side by side with the building team enables us to produce the best possible detailed drawings, utilising labour and materials in the most efficient way possible.  This process saves both time and money.  There are so many strengths and benefits to the way we work. 


Outside the office is family time, enjoying all that the BOP has to offer along with my wife and two children.


Exceptional Project Managers

Building should be enjoyable. To ensure a seamless building experience, it is critical to have an experienced project manager. At Thorne Group, your personal project manager will ensure everything happens on time and to plan. It is not only quality and design we are renowned for within the market, it is also the client experience. This is why we have incredibly loyal clients.

We provide a detailed project timeline for each job which allows us to establish a completion date well ahead of time. We are committed to adhering to the agreed move-in date, while ensuring we don’t compromise along the way on construction quality.

From left:  Gavin, Scott, Aaron and Grant


This is a role that l am extremely passionate about, and where l can put the skills l have acquired over the years to good use.  One of my superpowers is attention to detail, so l put that to good use to ensure that the quality of the homes we build is exceptional.   I really enjoy the challenge of high-end builds that are a little different, working alongside like-minded people.  It is also awesome to work with clients and be responsible for bringing their dream home to life.

I live in Omokoroa and enjoy fishing, surfing, and spending time with my wife and three young children. 

Project Manager

Scott Evered

After spending 16 years as a builder, working mainly on high-end residential builds in Hamilton, in 2017 l made the transition to Project Manager.


With a career spanning a range of industries from IT to food manufacturing, and more recently construction, I have always been drawn to customer-orientated roles offering a combination of sales and service.

The team at The Thorne Group, a local family-owned business building unique homes with a touch of ‘something a little different’, aligns perfectly with my own ideals – committed to great service, high standards, attention to detail and exceeding client expectations.

Outside of my role at The Thorne Group I am a member of the Aquinas College School Board, and any spare time is spent enjoying the BOP lifestyle with family and friends.

Business Manager - Client Care

Clare Sokimi

Growing up in South Auckland I then spent 15 years living in Hamilton before settling in Tauranga in 2004 and enjoying all the benefits of raising a family near the coast.


Building homes for people is my passion, and seeing their journey of decisions and selections along the way is really rewarding.

Working at the Thorne Group is great, as a big area of interest for me (and us) is environmentally conscious builds, along with maximising clients’ budgets to present the best value.  Particularly for those wanting to get onto the property ladder for the first time. 

I moved to the Bay of Plenty in 2018. l love the beach, the people and the environment here.  In my spare time l play all kinds of netball, I am a classic car enthusiast, enjoy motorbike riding and hanging out with my fur-child (doggo, Scout).

Group Estimator & Quantity Surveyor

Charlotte Cain

I began my career in Commercial Construction, and Interior Fitouts, but when I transitioned to Residential Builds, I knew I had found my niche.


Over the years l have had experience in all types of residential and commercial building.  Having that broad range of experience is something that is really beneficial in my current role as it allows me to look at all options to possible scenarios.   My nine years as a Building Inspector has been incredibly valuable, having gathered the experience to know exactly what processes and procedures that the Builders should apply to particular details.  Building must be in my blood with one of my two sons following me into the building industry.   I have lived in Tauranga since 1999.  In my spare time, l am a huge car enthusiast, love watching the All Blacks, and am always looking for new building projects around the house.

Project Manager

Grant MacGibbon

I spent 25 years as a builder, then a further nine years as a Building Inspector before making the transition to Project Manager in 2016.


During my career in finance I have worked in various industries including banking and insurance, event management and driver training, and the accounting software training industry.

In 2010 I immigrated to NZ with my husband and two children, settling in Omokoroa.  A year later we secured a site in Omokoroa and undertook a build project with the Thorne Group which led to me joining the company as Group Finance Manager.

Since settling in NZ I have been involved in a number of voluntary roles, supporting my children’s education and sporting endeavours. You will often find me pitch-side on a Saturday cheering on my son in football or early mornings by the river while my daughter trains for canoe slalom.

Any spare time goes into developing our lifestyle property in Whakamarama where we are enjoying our second Thorne Group home.

Finance Manager

Nikki Pateman

I was raised in the market town of Hitchin, Hertfordshire in the UK. After attending school, I worked in London before studying to become a Management Accountant.


I have travelled the world, living in Turkey, the Greek Islands, Balearic Islands and Canary Islands and worked in numerous industries mainly involving travel, food and wine.  I have built up over 30-years’ experience in different Procurement/ Administration Roles including heading up the Bidvest UK Buying Team and Whitbread Northern Stocktaking Team


I moved to NZ in 2009 and joined The Thorne Group accounts team in 2015.

In a parallel life I would be a household name in the food industry (i.e. the ‘Nigella’ of NZ) but the industries loss is my family, friends and work colleagues’ gain.

When I am not working or getting creative in the kitchen you will find me spending time with my partner and two teenage children.  Any pastime that involves gin or red wine is a winner with me!  I follow and support NZ Volleyball and love watching my teenagers grow and develop their skills in sport and drama.

Accounts Administrator

Tina Milne

Born in Liverpool, I remain a Scouser through-and-through.  I have travelled the world, living in Turkey, the Greek Islands, Balearic Islands and Canary Islands and worked in numerous industries mainly involving travel, food and wine. 


The Mount felt too small, and l swore l would never move back.  I worked for nearly a decade in Marketing roles within international companies both in Sydney and London.  My passion for Interior Design took seed in London, and l transitioned from marketing to studying at the London School of Design.  After marrying and becoming pregnant with the first of our three children, l got a hankering for home.  We not only moved back to the Mount but ended up living across the road from the home l grew up in!  For the past 14 years l have worked with both my husband and my brother, in a company that l adore where I can roll my passion for marketing and interiors into one.  In my spare time I have starting dabbling in abstract art which has been a big leap into the unknown for me.

Marketing Manager

Lisa Buck

l love my hometown.  l grew up here and spent many a day basking at the beach after school.  After university l moved away, far away.