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Inception to reality - The Design Process

  • Share your ideas, your vision, style and preferences and how you (and your family) like to live.  You can choose to do this verbally (either over the phone or in person) or complete our online Home Planner questionnaire.

  • We will arrange to meet you on site to clarify your brief and discuss the design aesthetic, taking into consideration aspects such as sun, views and prevailing wind.  This is also the time to discuss timeframes and budget and we will provide some guidance around what we believe is realistic based on your brief.

  • We will provide an estimate to prepare an initial concept sketch design for your new home.  This is based on an estimate number of (design) hours and capped at a specific value.

  • We will present a draft concept sketch design for your initial approval including site plan, floor plan and exterior views / elevations.  This can be refined and adjusted as required within the time allowance.

  • Once the concept sketch design is finalised, we will be present you with an agreement to undertake preliminary work through the design and costing phase.  This will set out timeframes and deliverables, including involvement of other third-party professional services (e.g., Geotech or Site Survey) and estimated costs. This is not a building contract but does affirm a commitment from both parties to commence construction within an agreed timeframe.

  • The design will be finalised, and any changes implemented.  This step can include a 3D building model (CAD) and virtual walkthrough.  Information from relevant third-party consultants is implemented onto the drawings for pricing purposes.

  • A full pricing exercise is undertaken with our suppliers and subcontractors and compiled by our team.  We will present you with a comprehensive pricing proposal for your project and talk through every detail and inclusion.

  • If the Build Proposal does not align with budget expectations or you have new ideas that you would like included, the design will be revised and re-priced based on your directive.

  • Once you are happy with the plans and pricing, we will enter into a Building Contract to construct your home.

  • A full set of Construction (Working) Drawings will be prepared to your specifications.  Once ready, we will lodge the building consent application with the local council and liaise with them throughout the consenting process.


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