We’re extremely proud to be one of the most respected building companies in the Bay of Plenty. As a family-owned business, each home we create carries our family name – something we don’t take lightly and which, we feel, is the best guarantee in the market. Word-of-mouth has built our business, which speaks volumes about our client satisfaction. We’re passionate about building with future generations in mind, creating homes which stand the test of time and have minimal impact on the environment.

Exceptional market reputation

We understand some clients have an initial feeling of trepidation, not only about the build process but also with whole-heartedly trusting the people behind the brand.

While we can give you reassurance on paper, ultimately, we resolutely encourage you to speak with our previous clients.

In the meantime, please read a little more about us, to start you on your journey. It is our objective to give you 100% assurance that your home is safe in the hands of a passionate and ethically-minded, process-driven team. We also want to dispel any doubts you may have that the build process can be a fun and enjoyable experience.


Value creators for our clients

One of the key misconceptions that clients have is that we are more expensive than other build companies. This is simply not the case, not when you compare like for like. As we are one of the largest builders in Tauranga, we negotiate the deals, then pass our volume discounts directly onto our clients.

Being a family business, you are guaranteed open, transparent advice. This is why we have clients who are now on their second, even their third build with Thorne Group; they understand the value for money.