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From dirt to dwelling - Construction Steps:

  • While we wait for council consent, we will connect you with our range of specialist providers to finalise interior colour selections, finishes and fittings.  Depending on the level of design, it can be recommended to engage an Interior Designer earlier (i.e., at the Developed Design stage).  This is also the point that we forward-plan and order materials, and lock in sub-contractors.

    Interior Design
  • Once consent is issued, we will set a construction start date and present you with a comprehensive project timeline.  We will meet onsite (if possible) and introduce your Project Manager – your ‘go-to’ person throughout the construction phase. 

    Project Start up
  • Our state-of-the-art online project management system, enables you to keep track of progress onsite, offering daily updates right through until your move-in date.

  • Robust and accurate financial systems are essential for monitoring costs vs. budget.  Each month claims to date are reconciled against the initial pricing estimate and any selections, variations and additions are priced and presented for approval. 

    Tracking Budget Thorne Group
  • Where possible we arrange to meet you on site at key points during construction to finalise windows and interior door configurations, confirm location of electrical outlets and switches, and mark out exterior areas for decks and concreting.

  • We work closely with you throughout the construction process to accommodate any changes you need and keep you up to date on all design decisions. 

  • Once construction is complete, we walk through your home with you to ensure everything meets your expectations. We provide you with a personalised ‘home manual’ containing all technical documents, maintenance guidelines, user manuals, Code Compliance Certificate (CCC) and warranty information.

  • We keep in regular contact once you move into your new home, correcting any immediate defects during the first 30-days and providing ongoing aftercare and support throughout the 10-year Master Build Guarantee period.


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