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3 homes in 10 years......

Robin and Sarah have built 3 homes with us in the last 10 years as their requirements and desires have changed. Below is a Q&A of their experience with us over the last decade.

  1. What made you choose them in the first place? Design, value for money and superb build quality. The Thorne trade mark.

  2. Why have you chosen to work with the Thorne Group each time? We looked at many competitors show homes and the finish and specification (included in the build price) doesn’t match that of the Thorne Group

  3. What sets Thorne Group apart? You feel part of a family, an exclusive club. People who have Thorne houses are very happy to talk about their experience with nothing but praise.

  4. What has the process been like with them? The process has always been professional, inclusive and very clearly laid out from the outset, so there are no nasty surprises. They are always happy to listen to our design ideas and incorporate them in to the design. If for some reason an idea isn’t practical, they are really happy to explain why something won’t work, and suggest an alternative.

  5. How has Thorne Group developed and changed since your first build with them? Apart from growing as a company, their values have not changed one bit. Their family name and reputation is of overriding importance to them.

  6. A lot of people mention that building is very stressful – how stressful do you find the process when building with Thorne Group? We have never found building with the Thorne group stressful at all. On the contrary, the Thorne group make the process feel like a real adventure. We actually felt a bit sad when the last house was completed.

  7. What would you say to the phrase ‘building is a stressful process’? We would say that you might want to think about choosing a different builder.

  8. What advice would you pass on to others looking to build a home? Look very closely at what different builders are offering and be sure that you are comparing like for like.

  9. Can you tell me a bit about your home? What’s the layout/how many bedrooms etc? Our new home is a departure from our previous home. We decided that we wanted a smaller house and much smaller garden. That said, we will have a very spacious three bedroom home with a great lounge, a kitchen with large pantry and a dining room with a three metre window seat (great for a good book and glass of wine).

  10. How is the team at Thorne Group to deal with? Are they quick to respond, friendly, easy to talk to and get in touch with etc? They make you feel that yours is the only house that they are building!

  11. What do you enjoy about the building process and how does Thorne Group help that? We enjoy being part of the creative process and they are always happy to accommodate. They will happily arrange for site and office meetings to fit within our work schedule.


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