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Built in desk / study nook inspo

Like everything in this crazy old world at the moment, the way we work seems to be changing too. Even after lockdowns, it seems that some are making the change to working from home a more permanent arrangement, or at least a portion of it. Integrating a study, even in our smallest homes are now a regular feature.

What are the possible benefits of a built in desk?

  1. Utilise a space that would otherwise not be used.

  2. Frame a view.

  3. Combine form with functionality - a study can be a design feature in its own right

  4. Defining another zone without walls or increasing the size of the home

  5. Storage, storage, storage! Particularly integrating drawers and shelves

  6. Material can match or complement other cabinetry for a cohesive palette.

  7. Bespoke cabinetry has the ability to create a space to match your requirements.

Here are a few previous Thorne Group built in desks. They range from simple desks, to integrating shelving, cupboards and drawers.



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