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Planting with a passion

As a building company, we have been feeling increasingly conscious of our environmental footprint.   Where possible we source sustainable products and continually look to review and enhance our environmental policies.  However, in our hearts, we know this is not enough. 

With this in mind, we have put together a programme which focuses on environmental projects in the Tauranga region, for future generations to enjoy.  Our other objective was to mitigate the carbon footprint that is generated from the construction phase.

Our staff and their families have become extremely passionate about this programme. We were initially debating whether talking about it was right to do so. Part of us felt that it was taking away from the authenticity behind why we were doing it. In the end we all agreed, we would love to share awareness of how businesses can incorporate environmental projects into the way they do business. We hope you agree.

Our first project:

Directors Aaron, Gavin and Pete with Gay Walton (Chairperson of Summerhill Charitable Trust)

In April this year, in partnership with the BOP Regional Council and Summerhill Charitable Trust, we commenced the first project. This included the planting of a wetland area and surrounding pasture at Summerhill Farm & Recreational Park, adjacent to the Papamoa Hills Regional Park. The aim of the project was to plant native shrubs and trees for perpetuity, having multiple benefits of protecting the waterway, sequestering carbon and increasing native bushwalking areas.  This wetland is part of the headwaters that runs into the Kopuaroa Stream, Kaituna River and Maketu Estuary, so it was imperative that this water supply is improved and protected.   This will create a beautiful native bush area for future generations to enjoy for perpetuity.  

Our staff collectively planted 1500 trees and plants in just one day. We felt the enhancement of green space was important, more so as the Tauranga region continues to lose such spaces with the pressure of growth. 

We are excited about where this initiative will take us. We debated as to whether to talk about this programme.  The fear was that it felt like it was taking away from the authenticity behind it.   But we came to the conclusion that if we can play a small part in getting others to step up then this has to be a good thing.   We know ‘big picture’ this is a drop in the bucket but we will continue to develop this initiative.

We are driven to see what we can do within

the environment for future generations because ultimately isn’t that what really matters? 

Thorne Group team and families after April planting day

Discover more about what Summerhill Recreational Park has to offer:


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