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Standing the test of time with stone

Stone is a beautiful, timeless building material that will endure for many years. It has been used in construction since ancient times and it's still widely used today. In New Zealand, we have a long history of building with stone due to our terrane and geology which provides us with high-grade deposits of this natural resource.

Staying true to nature

Stone is a natural, 100% organic material and, unlike many other building materials, quarrying does not involve the use of chemicals or release of embedded carbon, so the land does not require soil remediation and is easy to reclaim.

Stone itself releases no substances that are hazardous to health and does not require the application of protective coatings or sealers before being used as a building material.

Building with stone

Stone is one of the most versatile building materials available. It can be used for walls, floors and cladding as well as fireplaces and hearths.

Stone adds character to any space, whether you prefer modern or traditional designs. Stone is also completely recyclable and has the potential to serve many different uses and purposes over its lifetime. And because of its strength and durability, stone will last for decades--even centuries! There is something very special about the idea of something that will last for many generations.

Whilst it is very labour intensive (and hence expensive), we have found ways to integrate stone into small parts of homes, as a feature wall (interior or exterior), pillars, or fireplaces.

Examples of Thorne Group Homes utilising Stone.

Choosing your stone

There are many types of stone to choose from (not to mention applications) including limestone, granite and schist (a rock with a fine grain). Different types of stone have different characteristics which makes it important to select one that suits your style and requirements best. And importantly, local stone tells the story of its region – Oamaru Limestone (Otago); Hinuera Stone (Waikato); Oceanic Schist (Northland) and so on.

Stone is one of the oldest materials used by humans and remains relevant today thanks to its durability and beauty. We look forward to inspiring you with more projects that have utilised this beautiful natural material.


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