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Thorne Group Homes Checklist: Matching Clients with the Right Architectural Designers

At Thorne Group Homes, our unique approach ensures that the builder is engaged from the very beginning of your project. This means the design process is collaborative and synergistic between the architectural designer, engineer, and interior designer to keep your project on schedule. Here’s our comprehensive checklist to guide you in selecting the right architectural designer.

The Thorne Group Homes Architect Selection Checklist:

1. Project Fit:

  • Form and Specialty: Does your project fit the architect’s form and specialty?

  • Special Design Requirements: Do you have specific design needs, such as accessibility features, that require an architect with particular experience?

2. Design Compatibility:

  • Design Style: Do you have a specific design style in mind? We help you find architectural designers whose aesthetic matches your vision.

  • Portfolio Review: Have you reviewed their past projects and contacted references? This step provides insight into their range and client satisfaction.

3. Service Needs:

  • Level of Service: What level of service do you require? Are you looking for an interior architectural designer as part of the package?

  • Service Flexibility: Are they willing to tailor their services to your needs, possibly engaging on a stage-by-stage basis?

4. Budget Compatibility:

  • Fee Structure: Is the architect’s fee structure within your budget? We help you understand the financial implications to avoid surprises.

  • Quality Surveyor: We encourage the use of an independent quality surveyor (in conjunction with the builder) for peace of mind and to ensure your project stays within your budget.

5. Project Complexity:

  • Structural Challenges: Does your project involve unique structural or geotechnical challenges? We recommend architects with the necessary expertise that can work within specific technical specialties

  • Technical Expertise: Do they have the specialised skills required for your project's specific demands? Does your project present unique challenges that require flood modelling, erosion or geotechnical restrictions and structural engineering


6. Availability and Enthusiasm:

  • Time Frame: Can the architect accommodate your preferred timeline? Confirming their availability is essential to meeting your start date.

  • Project Enthusiasm: Is the architect as excited about your project as you are? Their enthusiasm and vision are key to a successful collaboration and outcome.

7. Communication and Management:

  • Direct Communication: Who will manage your project? We prefer architects who offer direct communication and hands-on management.

  • Listening Skills: Can you effectively communicate with the architect? They should listen and understand your needs to ensure a successful outcome.

By following the Thorne Group Homes Checklist, we ensure you are matched with an architect who not only meets your project's needs but also aligns with your vision and enthusiasm. Our thorough and personalised approach guarantees a smooth and successful architectural and build journey from start to finish.



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