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What do our clients really think of us?

Getting feedback - the good, the bad and the otherwise, can be a scary experience, however it is something we believe is absolutely critical to the success of our business going forward.

Ange and Tracy have a company aptly named – what lies beneath. A company that specialises in just that, deep diving into every aspect of our clients experience so that we can take what we do well and reinforce it. Also importantly taking any experiences that didn’t go to plan and implement change, and in some instances new and improved processes and procedures.

It must have been meant to be when Ange and Director Gavin started chatting at Tay Street, and the project evolved from there. Ange is awesome, the perfect person to really get to the nuts and bolts. After a random selection of previous clients Ange completed a series of extremely comprehensive interviews. We would sincerely like to thank our clients for taking the time with Ange. Their feedback has been invaluable.

Below are a few snippets of what our clients had to say (shared with permission). Of course there were some things we have to improve upon and we are excited to be in the process of working on this currently.

Director Aaron Thorne and Ange meeting to go through the implementation plan of suggested changes.

Gaye and Ken

“The offer was there for us to pop onsite and ask questions. It felt genuine”

“Gav assured us that all the decisions, and there were lots of them!, didn’t have to be made at once. He made it feel less overwhelming”

“You’re never going to build a house and not have tweaks. There is no such thing as perfect, but this was pretty close. Gavin played a huge part in this as the go-between man”

“We had so much trust in them, we were confident they weren’t fleecing us”

“We had a very good experience. We couldn’t have asked for a better build”

Dianne and John

“They built us a beautiful home, and they have become friends. It’s quite social. They get very involved with the build as do we, and it’s not at all adversarial, it’s very congenial”

“The whole build was well managed and we were kept informed. The Buildertrend app gave us the ability to keep up to date remotely. We had daily updates and lots of pictures especially early on”

“It was interesting that Gav wanted us to visit the building site, that it was good for the builders to see the clients, to put a face to the name. We liked this too, Dianne would bring morning tea to keep them happy, it was an enjoyable aspect”

Jenni & Richard

“After hearing about peoples’ building horror stories I entered into this build the most cautious person on the planet, but they were so brilliant, there was no need for me to worry at all. It was critical that I felt listened to and everything was so clear, it felt seamless”

“The attraction was that they were family owned. They have their name on the line and need to stand by their product and brand. And my feeling was right. They do back up their work, their family name is such an advantage. Thorne Group is associated with quality”

“Dan came to the house three months after the build to look for touch ups after the building had settled. He made a list and the very next day, people were here doing the work”

Hayley and Grant

“Dan was absolutely brilliant; I can’t rate him highly enough. He communicated all the time, giving us the heads up on things and what we needed to do. We didn’t have a single sleepless night, and this was significantly down to Dan”

“We thoroughly enjoyed the whole process and would definitely do it again. Not in the next 5 minutes though…”

Errol & Tracey

“Any obstacles or challenge we could talk through. We liked that Dan came to us with solutions, that he was the expert. This was important to us. He was bloody good, and he never left us once it was over, he’s been great on-going”

Kurt & Bridgette

“We feel like we can trust them, that they are honest and have a high level of integrity. We feel this from Peter, Aaron and Jon and it permeates through the business”

“Their reputation is very good, if we mention we have a Thorne Group house, people say ‘good choice’. I believe it adds value to our home and will to the sale price if/when we sell. They manage build timeframes and build to budget. We are 100% confident with the quality”

“Aaron was really good. He doesn’t pull punches, and he listened really well. He helped us steer away from bad choices. He has an innate ability to make things come to life. He is so efficient and effective, he’s superb. He was great as the middle person between the purchaser and the builders”

“The contractors were great. They would openly say that Thorne Group were a great group to work for, that they pay on time and they felt they were well looked after. They were very effective the way they worked, they were respectful of the site and left it clean and tidy, so tidy that people couldn’t believe it!”

“Post build, Aaron said any snag would be resolved and to fire them through. We would email him and it would be rectified within a day or two. Post keys and final invoice we still get excellent service. As a customer we are unreservedly happy”


“The communication was excellent, especially with Buildertrend because we were living in Auckland. Aaron would upload photos of the progress and we never had to wonder. It tracked expenses and additional costs, so there was nothing hidden, there were no surprises”

“Their quality is brilliant, and the painting was the icing on the cake. I am so particular about painting and I would get upset if it wasn’t perfect, but it was brilliant”


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