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Your top 10 favourite features at our Thorne Group showhome

Since the opening of our Thorne Group showhome at 15 Montiicola Drive, has generated a lot of buzz. Visitors frequently take a seat and immerse themselves in the ambiance of the home, often commenting on their favorite features. Here are the top 10 features that our visitors have loved the most!

1.The Entrance.

The integration of natural elements starts from the front door, with exterior cedar seamlessly flowing into the interior space. This continuity not only enhances the visual appeal but also fosters a connection to the surrounding environment

2. Interior Courtyard

The internal courtyard is connected by multiple stacked doors seamlessly connecting interior and exterior spaces, creating an inviting extension of the home. Complete with an outdoor fire and a built-in BBQ, this versatile sanctuary becomes another zone creating the ultimate indoor / outdoor flow

3. The Scullery

The scullery in the Thorne Group showhome has unquestionably become a focal point of many conversations, it comes with a secondary sink, a second dishdrawer, strategically placed bins for effortless waste management, a generously sized open pantry, and a resilient stainless steel benchtop.

4. Cavity Sliders

The oversized pocket sliders seamlessly integrated into the ceiling, facilitating a fluid transition between indoor and outdoor areas. Constructed with solid oak and reinforced by steel frames, these sliders feature reeded glass panels, creating blend of durability and aesthetic refinement.


5. Limestone Bench

One of my personal favourites and very much a conversation starter is the limestone bench, complete with fossils capturing the history of time. The edge of the island unit has a rough texted finish to give the illusion the benchtop is a solid piece of rock taken out of the ground.

6. Interior Planted Atrium

Tucked away within the home's interior is a planted atrium, featuring a Japanese maple in a picture frame window from the entrance. Pull back the large stacker/sliders on the sides, and suddenly, you're enveloped in a seamless blend of feeling like the home is connected to the natural environment.

7. The office

Gone are the days of relegating offices to dark corners of the home. This office space, nestled behind the kitchen, offers a sense of connection while ensuring productivity. Complete with bespoke solid oak shelving and cabinetry, it seamlessly combines functionality with elegance, creating a workspace that inspires creativity and comfort.

8. Pull down bed

The pull-down bed, coupled with custom shelving on each side, offers the flexibility to transform the room seamlessly from a guest haven to an additional media space or office. It's all about versatility, ensuring that the room adapts effortlessly to meet a different function while maintaining a soothing design ascetic.

9. Curved walls

The strategic placement of two elegantly curved walls at diagonally opposite ends of the home's structure serves to soften the overall aesthetic, providing a contrast against the predominant straight lines and adding visual interest. This architectural feature not only enhances the interior's flow but also contributes to a sense of harmony within the space. Furthermore, the decision to clad the interior walls of the kitchen and scullery in vertical cedar complements the organic feel of the curved walls, infusing the area with both warmth and texture.

10. Master bathroom

This bathroom won the Master Build House of the Year Lifestyle Bathroom Award and it stands out for good reason. Offering a spa-like experience within the confines of the home, its unique feature of bi-fold doors opening to a carefully landscaped garden creates a seamless connection to nature while ensuring privacy through strategic placement of greenery.

Thorne Group Showhome Awards

  • ​Gold GIB Showhome award

  • Category Winner GIB Showhome award

  • Lifestyle Award for Bathroom Excellence

  • Lifestyle Award for Environmental and Sustainability Excellence

  • National Master Build HOY Top 100

  • ADNZ Regional award for residential new home 150m2-300m2 

  • ADNZ Regional award for Architectural Interiors 

  • ADNZ Regional award for Resene Colour in Design 

  • ADNZ National award for Architectural Interiors 

  • ADNZ National award for Resene Colour in Design

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