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Garage Door

BOP Garage Doors has been established for 38 years and currently service 600 doors around the bay. Their 24 hour call out service ensures a faulty door will not threaten security.

WHERE ARE THEY MADE AND DESIGNED? The garage doors used within Thorne Group homes are designed and made in Christchurch by B&D Doors and Openers. B&D were the first company in the world to invent the roller door. B&D has continued to not only be innovative, but only manufacture doors that meet the toughest tests for performance, long life and durability, but also ones that provide the highest levels of aesthetic appeal. In addition to manufacturing excellence, B&D has continued to harness the power of cutting edge technologies to deliver greater convenience for end users. An example of this is the incorporation of TrioCode™ 128 Technology into the GTS™ range of openers. This eliminates the interference issues that increasingly affect openers using certain frequency operating systems, – so basically you won’t open your neighbour’s garage door (or vice versa!).

WHAT IS A SECTIONAL DOOR? The BOP Garage Doors Aspen “Flat Panel” .55 gauge and Sierra “Flat Panel” .75 gauge sectional doors use BMT Zinc-based steel to help ensure the resulting panel is as free from ‘oil-canning’ as possible from a flat door. The flat minimalist look of this style of door perfectly complements modern home architecture.

Garage Door
Examples of standard Thorne Group specifications
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