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What’s the recipe for a great kitchen?

Working with a team who knows how to bring your dream kitchen to life. HK Kitchens knows the recipe for a great kitchen – and how to vary each one to suit your space, style preferences and resources. They also know how to deliver on time, every time.

Locally owned and operated HK Kitchens has been providing quality kitchens for homes in Tauranga for 39 years and has developed a respected reputation as the ‘kitchen supplier of choice’.

HK Kitchens are happy to have achieved a reputation in the industry for quality and reliability, delivering and installing kitchens 100% complete and on time. Their team includes 14 kitchen designers and 30 full time installation experts. All understand the importance of producing each individual kitchen to the same high standard of quality and attention to detail, irrespective of the budget. Design makes all the difference and good kitchen design takes both creative flair and careful attention to detail.

The HK design team are great listeners and talented designers, so you can be sure you’ll get a design that reflects you, your space and your place. Each Thorne Group client will book an appointment with our designers where they will carefully take you through all colour choices and available options. “Our team is able to deliver such a top quality product with the assistance of a sophisticated computerized machining department using Cabinet Vision software, which can convert specific detailed drawings into accurately machined cabinetry.”

All HK Kitchens are produced in our state of the art Tauranga manufacturing facility, so you can be assured that your HK kitchen will be built to our exacting standards. This is why HK Kitchens are proud to offer a 10 YEAR WARRANTY on all workmanship and installation. For a period of 10 years after your HK Kitchen is installed, we shall repair at our cost, any faults in the workmanship associated with the construction of the kitchen, or its installation.

Examples of standard Thorne Group specifications
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