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Small but smart

If there’s one aspect which unites us all at The Thorne Group, it’s our love of design. Jon McAlpine (Director of Thorne Group Architecture) is an expert at creating flexible design elements in smaller homes.

It’s all about zones

Having smaller but functional spaces becomes useful. We find clients want as low maintenance as possible. Even if it is just a couple having different zones’ to allow each other to have their open space; whether it be to read in the sun, for entertaining or just watching TV. Even if you’re having guests stay, you need to make allowances for all of this within a smaller footprint, still ensuring you achieve your ultimate objective of having a low maintenance home.

Factoring in the features

Other features Jon will often integrate within a home, (if the site allows for it), include a separate study, covered outdoor area, feature entrance, window seat and feature ceilings. We have found study nooks to be a better option than an office. Electronic devices are so portable, a separate room isn’t necessary. It’s great to keep you connected to the warmth and action of the house – and best of all, saves on floor area and therefore costs, freeing up budget for other areas.

Having a covered outdoor area isn’t just about providing shade on a summery day.

With detailed planning and clever design taking into account privacy, views, prevailing winds and sun angles – a covered outdoor area can be functional even on the coldest winter’s day. Having a smaller home doesn’t necessarily preclude having an entrance that has a ‘wow’ factor to it.

Some exciting projects coming up.....

This home is only 78 square metres, it includes a bunk room and a mezzanine floor. This is going to be the ultimate small but smart home designed by the very clever Jon McAlpine (Thorne Group Architecture).

This home is designed to be modular, whereby the large garage or extra bedrooms could be added in the future.

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